• Food industry

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  • Cleaning, Hygiene and Disinfection against COVID-19

    Kalon Recommendations

  • Kalcide

    Quick cleaning and disinfection in a single operation.
    It does not damage surfaces and leaves them free of encapsulated bacteria and viruses.
    Authorized by the Ministry of Health as VIRUCIDA.

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  • Water treatment


    Water treatment programs that optimize processes and consumption, keeping the facilities in optimal conditions, ensuring the useful life of the water treatment systems.


  • Lubricating greases

    The lubricants of today and tomorrow.
    Lubrication in any working condition.

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  • Symkol

    True one-pass surface disinfection..
    It is not necessary to rub, just remove the excess with a paper or cloth.
    Authorized by the Ministry of Health as VIRUCIDA .

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  • Aerosoles

    If it is possible to pack it in aerosol, we pack it, facilitating the handling of the product, improving its application and saving time.

    More than 120 references available to cover all your needs.


  • Metalworking

    Metal Working

    Facilitating machining.

    We save time and money in machining.

    Metal Working

  • Industrial Soaps

    A soap for every need.

    Hand care in the industry is possible.


  • Detergence

    We provide each type of dirt with the most suitable solution, respecting surfaces and the environment.

    Concentrated products, easy to apply, time-saving and excellent results.