Water Trataments

We offer treatment programs in all those applications in which water, as a means or as an end, is involved. Through our products we facilitate the optimization of processes, in such a way that the consumption of both water and energy is reduced, and at the same time maintain the facilities in the best conservation conditions and prolong the useful life of the different systems.

Active filters

  • Meton 25

    It is an energetic acid agent for chemical cleaning of parts, equipment and circuits. Effectively and quickly removes rust deposits, as well as those of a calcareous nature on metallic surfaces. Its surfactant and organic solvent content increases its wetting and degreasing capacity.

  • SM 200

    It is an effective corrosion and incrustation inhibitor product, especially indicated for the protection of cold water circuits for human consumption, as well as sanitary hot water. Its corrosion inhibiting effect lies in its capacity to form a protective layer on the metal surface that prevents corrosion from developing. On the other hand, its sequestering capacity makes it an effective scale inhibitor for the treatment of hard water.

  • SM 500A

    It is an effective packaging product for the treatment of low and medium pressure steam boilers, formulated on the basis of alkalinity regulating agents, anti-scaling agents, dispersing agents, oxygen scavengers and volatile active ingredients that allow the protection against corrosion of the condensate line.

  • SM 400

    It is an effective corrosion and deposits inhibitor, especially indicated for the protection of semi-open cooling circuits (cooling towers, evaporative condensers, etc.). Its corrosion inhibiting effect lies in its ability to form a protective coat on the metallic surface that prevents corrosion from developing. On the other hand, its sequestering and dispersing capacity makes it an effective scale inhibitor, enabling work at higher concentration cycles, increasing performance.

  • Antialgas SE

    It is a powerful non-foaming algaecide and biocide, formulated for the microbiological control of industrial cooling systems. It acts immediately and has a residual effect.

  • Antialgas Concentrado

    It is a powerful algaecide and biocide with a high content of active matter, especially indicated for microbiological control in industrial cooling systems and those present in the food industry. It acts immediately and offers a long-lasting residual effect.

  • Best Cool N

    It is a corrosion inhibitor product of high protection, indicated for use in the treatment of industrial refrigeration and heating systems. Its formulation is fully compatible with antifreeze additives. It contains in its formula an active tracer dye that allows to determine if the concentration of the product in the system is adequate.

  • Sm Antifrost

    It is a long-lasting antifreeze product for industrial refrigeration systems. It is formulated on the basis of organic corrosion inhibitors, which provide active protection at those points susceptible to corrosion processes, so as to maintain a high heat transfer performance, unlike traditional inorganic inhibitors, which form a protective layer on the metallic surfaces. Suitable for the treatment of all types of metals: aluminium, copper, iron and brass.

  • KL60 Inhibidor OC

    It is an effective corrosion inhibitor for treating both cooling and heating closed circuits that prevents the deterioration of metallic surfaces as well as the generation of suspended solids that can block small passageway areas. It is a completely organic product capable of protecting all types of metals: Aluminium, copper, magnesium, iron, and brazing alloys. It contains anti-freezing agents, so it protects the system against possible breakage due to low temperatures.

  • Antifoam

    An effective universal defoaming, formulated with a high concentration of polysiloxane and indicated to control the level of foam in any industrial process.

  • Dizene

    It is a concentrated emulsion with triple action, specially formulated for the dilution of grease, sludge and detergent build-ups. It destroys the microorganisms that cause unpleasant odours and prevents the reproduction of flies, mosquitoes and other insects.

  • Super Floc 2C

    It is a liquid inorganic coagulant and flocculant product indicated to separate coloured and colloidal matter in suspension in aqueous systems. Coagulation begins with the absorption of the complex on the surface of the suspended matter. Its high effectiveness ensures charge neutralisation, even with low doses.