We understand the AUTO world as everything that is powered by an engine, whether it is a car, truck, bus... and everything that is related to the world of the engine. Whether it is the manufacture of components, repair, cleaning, degreasing, lubrication, maintenance of the vehicles themselves and facilities.

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  • Galvit AL

    It is a product indicated for cold galvanising. It acts as a one-component antioxidant and anticorrosive primer, offering an aluminium coloured finish, resistant to high temperatures.

  • SM 50

    It is a highly versatile product, formulated to cover a wide range of functions in lubrication, cleaning, protection of machinery and metallic elements.

    It offers corrosion protection, damp-proofing, unblocking and even a "loosening" effect.

  • Citrikem 25

    It is a multifunctional degreaser with controlled pH and pleasant citrus scent, especially indicated for the removal of grease, oil, ink and petroleum stains. It can be applied on all types of surfaces, even the most delicate ones.

  • Motor 11

    It is an effective concentrated alkaline degreaser, specially formulated to clean and remove grease and the highly deposited dirt on bodywork, motors, parts, tarpaulins and floors. It is also very effective at removing insect remains from car bodywork and windscreens. Its high concentration makes it suitable for use in very high dilutions. It has a pleasant apple scent.

  • SM Zinc Claro

    It is a coating rich in Zinc and Aluminium, formulated for cold galvanizing. Its effectiveness and versatility make it a perfect antirust and anticorrosive primer with an impeccable aluminium-coloured finish, resistant to high temperatures.

  • SM 900

    It is a powerful cleaning product, strongly acidic in nature, capable of descaling, degreasing, removing oxides and add shine to metallic surfaces in a single operation. 

  • Sm Antifrost

    It is a long-lasting antifreeze product for industrial refrigeration systems. It is formulated on the basis of organic corrosion inhibitors, which provide active protection at those points susceptible to corrosion processes, so as to maintain a high heat transfer performance, unlike traditional inorganic inhibitors, which form a protective layer on the metallic surfaces. Suitable for the treatment of all types of metals: aluminium, copper, iron and brass.

  • Atlas

    It is a product specially formulated for the lubrication of elements subjected to high working temperatures, in a range between -20 ºC and +600 ºC. It acts effectively, reducing friction and distortion generated by high temperatures.

  • Motor 8

    It is an effective degreaser formulated with state-of-the-art surfactants that provide great wetting power. It is particularly suitable for cleaning and removing grease and any kind of dirt from bodywork, motors, parts, tarpaulins and floors. It is also very effective at removing insect remains from car bodywork and windscreens. Contains a pleasant pine scent.

  • Terminator

    It is a high quality exfoliating cleaning gel. Effectively removes the most ingrained soiling, caring for and protecting the skin.

  • Revestimiento de máquina

    It is a long-lasting enamel with excellent flexibility, formulated to retouch all types of surfaces to provide a high quality finish and excellent properties.

  • Fast Eco

    It is a powerful industrial degreaser, especially suitable for cleaning metallic and plastic surfaces and removing all types of grime, such as dust, grease, oil, etc. Provides controlled evaporation and prevents humidity condensation.