Range of products for the maintenance of both equipment and facilities dedicated to the glass industry. From the drilling oils for glass working, through the water purification processes, as well as the necessary products for the final finishing required by the glass before reaching the end customer.

Active filters

  • Eezy

    It is a multi-purpose product, formulated to quickly loosen and de-rust any rusted component, lubricating the metallic surface and protecting it against corrosion.

  • SM Filtros

    It is a product specially designed to favor the neutralization of charges and aggregation of glass particles from the glass machining process that are present in the cooling fluid, in order to effectively separate them by means of filtering systems, obtaining a significant reduction in the load of suspended and colloidal solids and, as a consequence, a fluid with very low turbidity.

  • Fast Eco V

    Evaporable lubricant for flat glass cutting.

  • Esku

    It is a highly effective liquid gel that cleanses, cares for and protects the skin. Features cleaning microspheres that ensure the complete removal of the most stubborn soiling.

  • Mans

    Effectively removes grease and embedded soiling. Its exclusive formula contains oils and lanolin, which care for the skin, protecting it against irritation.

  • Lube Plus

    It is a multifunctional grease, formulated without heavy metals, with high and long lasting lubricating power in high temperatures and extreme pressure (EP). It offers excellent resistance to oxidation and high mechanical stability.

  • Super Floc 2C

    It is a liquid inorganic coagulant and flocculant product indicated to separate coloured and colloidal matter in suspension in aqueous systems. Coagulation begins with the absorption of the complex on the surface of the suspended matter. Its high effectiveness ensures charge neutralisation, even with low doses.

  • Sm Filtros PB

    It is a product specially designed to favour charge neutralisation and aggregation of the glass particles coming from the glass machining process that are present in the coolant fluid, with the aim of their effective separation by means of purification systems, obtaining an important reduction in the load in suspended and colloidal solids and, as a consequence, a fluid with very low turbidity. Controlled foam product, suitable for facilities with agitation, water jumps or high speed systems.

  • Meton 25

    It is an energetic acid agent for chemical cleaning of parts, equipment and circuits. Effectively and quickly removes rust deposits, as well as those of a calcareous nature on metallic surfaces. Its surfactant and organic solvent content increases its wetting and degreasing capacity.

  • G DRI

    It is a Molybdenum Disulphide and Graphite dry lubricant which forms a dry protective film against corrosion and highly resistant to mineral oils and solvents. Prevents deterioration between metallic surfaces (seizure) and resists heavy loads and temperatures up to 450 ºC.

  • SM 900

    It is a powerful cleaning product, strongly acidic in nature, capable of descaling, degreasing, removing oxides and add shine to metallic surfaces in a single operation. 

  • SM 50

    It is a highly versatile product, formulated to cover a wide range of functions in lubrication, cleaning, protection of machinery and metallic elements.

    It offers corrosion protection, damp-proofing, unblocking and even a "loosening" effect.