Maintenance of mobile machinery

Just as vehicles need to be maintained to be in perfect conditions of use, mobile machinery is part of the tools used to carry out our daily work and must be in perfect conditions of use and maintenance. When we talk about mobile machinery we think of Forklifts, Public Works Machinery, Platform Lifts, etc.

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  • Revestimiento de máquina

    It is a long-lasting enamel with excellent flexibility, formulated to retouch all types of surfaces to provide a high quality finish and excellent properties.

  • Grasa Marina

    It is a semi-synthetic grease formulated with a complex sulfonate thickener and high-viscosity lubricating bases. Especially useful for lubricating cables and open gears that require a high load-bearing capacity lubricant with strong adhesion.

  • Molink

    It is an effective lubricant, water-repellent and anti-corrosive, capable of penetrating inside cables and chains, keeping them flexible and protected against external aggressions.

  • Super Primer Plus

    It is a unique water-based anti-rust primer on the market. It stands out for its rust stabilising action and its high adherence on all types of metallic surfaces, including galvanized ones. Its dry film resists the action of water, solvents and cutting fluids.

  • Galvit

    It is an antioxidant coating formulated for cold galvanising. It acts as an antirust and anticorrosive primer and provides a high temperature resistant finish.

  • Unicote

    It is a highly effective rust converter. Transforms iron oxides into blue or black, insoluble, organometallic complexes. It is easy to apply and has a broad spectrum of use.

  • Q Dec

    It is a dielectric cleaner, non-flammable, of high purity and high evaporation degree. It effectively removes oil, grease and solvent residues without leaving residues. 

  • Pintura Inox

    It is an antioxidant coating formulated to protect any metallic surface, providing it with an appearance similar to stainless steel.

  • Lube Complex EP 00T

    It is a grease formulated with synthetic components of high performance, for the lubrication of equipment subject to vibration and high friction.

  • Duwalkleen Eco

    It is a powerful industrial degreaser, especially suitable for cleaning metallic and plastic surfaces and removing all types of grime, such as dust, grease, oil, etc. It offers low evaporation and prevents moisture concentration. Its formulation includes natural solvents that provide additional degreasing power and pleasant citrus smell.

  • Lube Plus A

    It is a multifunctional grease, specially developed to lubricate elements subjected to high temperatures, extreme loads, vibrations and shocks, combined with the presence of humidity and possible attacks by chemical agents.

  • Motor 10

    It is an energetic and highly concentrated degreaser, especially indicated for cleaning and removing grease and any kind of soiling from bodywork, engines, parts, tarpaulins and floors. It is also very effective at removing insect remains from car bodywork and windscreens.