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  • Galvit

    It is an antioxidant coating formulated for cold galvanising. It acts as an antirust and anticorrosive primer and provides a high temperature resistant finish.

  • Mans

    Effectively removes grease and embedded soiling. Its exclusive formula contains oils and lanolin, which care for the skin, protecting it against irritation.

  • copy of Eezy

    Es un producto multiuso, formulado para aflojar y desoxidar rápidamente cualquier componente oxidado, lubricando la superficie metálica y protegiéndola contra la corrosión.

  • Unicote

    It is a highly effective rust converter. Transforms iron oxides into blue or black, insoluble, organometallic complexes. It is easy to apply and has a broad spectrum of use.

  • Esku

    It is a highly effective liquid gel that cleanses, cares for and protects the skin. Features cleaning microspheres that ensure the complete removal of the most stubborn soiling.

  • SM 80

    It is an effective alkaline industrial degreaser, formulated with surfactants of high wetting capacity. Easily and thoroughly degreases, completely removing all types of embedded soiling, grease, oils, inks, etc. Successfully replaces traditional solvent-based cleaners.

  • Super Coolant

    It is a cutting fluid, easily emulsifiable in water, with a high mineral oil content.

    Cools, lubricates, and protects in a single operation.

  • Zinc Primer

    It is a paint of pure Zinc powder, finely ground, which, through the evaporation of solvents, deposits a coating that electrolytically protects ferrous metals. With a single coat of ZINC PRIMER the passivation, priming and finishing of ferrous surfaces is achieved, even those exposed to the elements, since the chemical reaction of Zinc with rain water or humidity, generates an external film of Zinc Hydroxide, of recognised anti-corrosion power.

  • Lube 300

    It is a liquid lubricant with low viscosity and low evaporation rate at room temperature. Applicable on steels and chemically sensitive metals, being inert on light aluminium alloys and yellow metals.

  • Super Primer Plus

    It is a unique water-based anti-rust primer on the market. It stands out for its rust stabilising action and its high adherence on all types of metallic surfaces, including galvanized ones. Its dry film resists the action of water, solvents and cutting fluids.