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  • Unicote

    It is a highly effective rust converter. Transforms iron oxides into blue or black, insoluble, organometallic complexes. It is easy to apply and has a broad spectrum of use.

  • Grem Cold Wash

    Potente desengrasante industrial, especialmente indicado para la limpieza de todo tipo de materiales metálicos, plásticos,de madera, e incluso de tejidos y para la eliminación de todo tipo de suciedad, como polvo, grasa, aceite, etc. Ofrece una evaporación rápida y elimina restos de humedad.

  • SM 80

    It is an effective alkaline industrial degreaser, formulated with surfactants of high wetting capacity. Easily and thoroughly degreases, completely removing all types of embedded soiling, grease, oils, inks, etc. Successfully replaces traditional solvent-based cleaners.

  • SM SOLV 15

    It is an effective industrial degreaser, especially suitable for cleaning metallic and plastic surfaces and removing all types of dirt, such as dust, grease, oil, without leaving residue. It offers controlled evaporation that allows a longer action time and avoids moisture concentration. Product specially formulated to avoid the risk of toxicity in case of accidental contact with food.

  • copy of Mans

    Elimina eficazmente la grasa y la suciedad incrustada. Su exclusiva fórmula contiene aceites y lanolina, que cuidad la piel, protegiéndola contra las irritaciones.

  • Enzymatic

    It is a biological and biodegradable detergent product, specially formulated to remove general soiling from surfaces. The beneficial microorganisms that it contains, degrade the organic matter incrusted, facilitating its elimination and, as a consequence, eliminating unpleasant odours, at the same time that it provides a pleasant scent. Dampens unpleasant odours in carpets and removes food stains, vomit, wine and other organic soiling from carpets, upholstery, curtains and clothes.