Cleaning & Degreaser

Wide range of degreasers for the cleaning of any surface, such as metals, wood, stoneware, plastics, epoxies... and any type of dirt such as grease, dust, oxides, organic matter... and a range of compositions ranging from the most acidic to the most alkaline, adapting to each surface and dirt to be removed, either as a pretreatment for a subsequent action as a final finish.

Active filters

  • Kalcide

    Bactericidal and fungicidal disinfectant detergent, effective against enveloped viruses, for direct use.

  • Spring BC

    It is an effective deodorising cleaner of high concentration especially indicated for the cleaning and elimination of odours in waste containers, landfills, black spots on the road network, bathrooms and sports facilities, even when used at high dilutions.

  • Motor 11

    It is an effective concentrated alkaline degreaser, specially formulated to clean and remove grease and the highly deposited dirt on bodywork, motors, parts, tarpaulins and floors. It is also very effective at removing insect remains from car bodywork and windscreens. Its high concentration makes it suitable for use in very high dilutions. It has a pleasant apple scent.

  • SM Solv 10

    It is a powerful industrial degreaser, especially suitable for cleaning metallic and plastic surfaces and removing all types of soiling, such as dust, grease, oil, without leaving residue. Provides controlled evaporation and prevents humidity condensation.

  • SM EXO

    Removes stains from air pollution on stone, paint, tiles, brick, concrete, etc. surfaces.

  • Window C

    It is a powerful cleaner and general degreaser with a pleasant fragrance.

  • Sparkle C

    It is a concentrated formula, especially indicated for washing vehicles. Removes soiling and restores the paint colour. It does not damage the protective waxes or any other element of the vehicle.

  • SM D

    It is an effective cleaner for lacquered aluminium and a powerful liquid stripper that acts quickly on any surface, except some plastics.

  • SM Inox P

    It is a powerful stainless steel passivating and descaling agent, indicated to promote and increase the thickness of the material's passive layer.

  • SM DL

    It is a product based on solvents of natural origin, specially formulated to remove grease, oils, adhesive residues, inks in industrial machinery, etc.

  • Depol

    It is a medium alkalinity powder detergent that contains corrosion inhibitors in its formula, making it suitable for cleaning all types of metal parts, even soft metals such as aluminium and zinc. It is particularly suitable for use in single or multi-stage parts washing machines, tunnel spray machines, ultrasonic machines and lance cleaning.

  • Sparkle Activo

    It is a detergent with a high foaming power, biodegradable and neutral, with a high active content, specially indicated for the automatic and manual washing of all types of vehicle bodywork.