Lubricants & Anticorrosives

Lubricants and oils for any type of machine and industry, or mechanical element that requires lubrication and care against wear and tear, with the latest generation thickener additives that allow working under different conditions of effort, speed and temperature, extending the useful life of the lubricated element and generating high yields and optimum performance of the lubricated equipment.

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  • Grasa Marina

    It is a semi-synthetic grease formulated with a complex sulfonate thickener and high-viscosity lubricating bases. Especially useful for lubricating cables and open gears that require a high load-bearing capacity lubricant with strong adhesion.

  • Weld Spatter AC

    It is a protective product suitable for any welding process. Protects the parts and the welding equipment, making work easier and cleaner. Prevents slag deposits caused by electrodes on the metal.

  • GEAR LUBE MO 260

    High performance industrial gear oil.

  • Lube 200

    It is a high quality non-stick lubricant, suitable for use wherever effective lubrication is required, free of silicones.

  • RDS

    It is a high performance dry demoulding agent. Its demoulding film hardens when heated and provides optimum results.

  • SM 50

    It is a highly versatile product, formulated to cover a wide range of functions in lubrication, cleaning, protection of machinery and metallic elements.

    It offers corrosion protection, damp-proofing, unblocking and even a "loosening" effect.

  • Eezy ICE

    It is a deoxidizing unlocking agent, specially designed to unlock strongly anchored bolts and nuts. 

  • SM 68 Premium

    It is a high performance lubricant specially designed to be used in machining center slides. 

  • Eezy

    It is a multi-purpose product, formulated to quickly loosen and de-rust any rusted component, lubricating the metallic surface and protecting it against corrosion.

  • Aquaban

    Effectively cleans and protects metallic surfaces against corrosion and oxidation. Its formulation with a high concentration of anti-corrosion agents makes it effective on all types of metals, preventing rusting of tools, die-cuts, turned parts, instruments, etc.

  • Smol

    It is an extreme pressure protective lubricant, formulated with Molybdenum Disulfide, specially indicated for external gears.

  • Slikar

    Polisher for the automotive industry.