Active filters

  • KL60 Inhibidor OC

    It is an effective corrosion inhibitor for treating both cooling and heating closed circuits that prevents the deterioration of metallic surfaces as well as the generation of suspended solids that can block small passageway areas. It is a completely organic product capable of protecting all types of metals: Aluminium, copper, magnesium, iron, and brazing alloys. It contains anti-freezing agents, so it protects the system against possible breakage due to low temperatures.

  • Sm Antifrost

    It is a long-lasting antifreeze product for industrial refrigeration systems. It is formulated on the basis of organic corrosion inhibitors, which provide active protection at those points susceptible to corrosion processes, so as to maintain a high heat transfer performance, unlike traditional inorganic inhibitors, which form a protective layer on the metallic surfaces. Suitable for the treatment of all types of metals: aluminium, copper, iron and brass.