Desinfectants, Alguicides & Biocides

Products to have a stable and controlled microbiological control in any fluid. In powerful water algaecide and biocide for shock treatments and maintenance, being compatible with chlorine. Also in other types of fluids such as fuel, cutting fluids or industrial and food refrigeration circuits.

Active filters

  • Kl90 Bac

    A powerful preservative with immediate action and residual effect, specially formulated for microbiological control in the conservation of industrial cooling circuits and cutting fluids.

  • Antialgas Concentrado

    It is a powerful algaecide and biocide with a high content of active matter, especially indicated for microbiological control in industrial cooling systems and those present in the food industry. It acts immediately and offers a long-lasting residual effect.

  • Antialgas SE

    It is a powerful non-foaming algaecide and biocide, formulated for the microbiological control of industrial cooling systems. It acts immediately and has a residual effect.