Gears, Guides, Chains, Wires

Lubricants for mechanical components such as gears, chains,... to provide them with a deep and lasting lubrication and thus reduce maintenance of these difficult to access elements and avoid unnecessary stops. Reducing friction and wear of the equipment, highly resistant to humidity and thus protecting from oxidation and corrosion. H1 approval for accidental contact with food.

Active filters

  • Kal Food TP

    Synthetic lubricant for conveyor belts.

  • Kal Food Lube

    It is a synthetic, colourless lubricant that incorporates Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) in its formulation. It offers deep, long-lasting lubrication and is extremely resistant to humidity. Developed specifically for use in the food industry, pharmaceutical and similar industries, KAL FOOD LUBE guarantees effective lubrication under difficult working conditions. Reduces the frequency of maintenance.

  • KL50 CLP H1

    It is a range of lubricants designed for the food industry, for scenarios that may result in accidental food contact. Specific for gears, reducers, and transmissions. Formulated with synthetic bases and specific additives to guarantee food safety.

  • KL50 LTC H1

    It is a 100% synthetic lubricant, specially developed to work at low temperatures, guaranteeing its fluidity even at -50 ºC. Suitable for accidental food contact situations.

  • Lube 400

    It is a lubricant and anti-adherent especially indicated for use in food processing areas where accidental contact with food may occur. Its formula contains low viscosity oils that allow easy penetration into hard-to-reach areas, reducing friction and wear of equipment and machinery and protecting them from rust and corrosion.