Multipurpose to lubricate, clean and protect machines and tools, formulated with anticorrosive agents and with a high penetration capacity that prolongs the useful life of the treated machines and tools.

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  • EEZY H1

    It is a highly versatile product, formulated to perform a wide range of functions in lubrication, cleaning, protection of machinery and metallic elements in processing areas where accidental contact with food may occur.

  • G DRI

    It is a Molybdenum Disulphide and Graphite dry lubricant which forms a dry protective film against corrosion and highly resistant to mineral oils and solvents. Prevents deterioration between metallic surfaces (seizure) and resists heavy loads and temperatures up to 450 ºC.

  • Ecosol FG

    Powerful industrial degreaser, specially indicated to be safely used in the food industry. It offers fast evaporation and easily removes adhered grease, oils, soiling, carbonaceous residues, adhesives, environmental pollutants, ...