Metalworking Neat Oil

Facilitators for machining any type of metal, whether hard or soft, providing anti-wear protection to the tool and prolonging the life of these and facilitating precision in the metals worked.

Active filters

  • Kl40 Tapp

    Lubricating paste for severe machining, threading and drawing operations.

  • Kl40 Super Oil Al 4

    It is an oil designed for machining operations on aluminium and light alloys.

  • Lube 200

    It is a high quality non-stick lubricant, suitable for use wherever effective lubrication is required, free of silicones.

  • KL40 Super Oil F

    It is specially designed cutting oil to be applied on iron, cast iron, alloy steel, stainless steel, structural steel, high-resistance steel.

  • Rapid Plus

    It is a fluid formulated to facilitate the work of threading the tool in hard metals, both in manual and automatic operation.

  • Roscan

    It is formulated with wear-resistant additives, extreme pressure and specific friction modifiers to facilitate machining operations on hard metals. It offers excellent lubricity reducing effort and machining time, providing excellent surface finishes and extending tool life.

  • SM 9

    It is a cutting fluid for aluminium and non-ferrous metals formulated to facilitate the work, improving the finish and increasing the life of the tool.