Lubricating greases with different thickeners such as complex sulfonates, complex aluminum, lithium, calcium, PTFE, ..., for working under any conditions of speed, temperature or humidity. A grease for every need.

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  • Lube 100

    It is a lubricating grease formulated with lithium thickener and solid additives such as molybdenum disulfide.

  • Grasa Marina

    It is a semi-synthetic grease formulated with a complex sulfonate thickener and high-viscosity lubricating bases. Especially useful for lubricating cables and open gears that require a high load-bearing capacity lubricant with strong adhesion.

  • Lube Cobre

    It is a lubricating grease with a high content of metallic pigments, providing excellent anti-seize and conductive capacity. Product specially formulated for the lubrication of components subjected to high working temperatures, in a range between -20 ºC and +1100 ºC. It acts effectively, reducing friction and distortion generated by high temperatures.

  • Lube Complex EP 00T

    It is a grease formulated with synthetic components of high performance, for the lubrication of equipment subject to vibration and high friction.

  • Lube Complex EP 2T

    It is a multifunctional grease, formulated with high performance synthetic components, for the lubrication of equipment subject to low frequency vibrations and continuous working temperatures above +120 ºC, such as presses, vibro-compactors, screens, crushers, etc.

  • Lube Plus

    It is a multifunctional grease, formulated without heavy metals, with high and long lasting lubricating power in high temperatures and extreme pressure (EP). It offers excellent resistance to oxidation and high mechanical stability.

  • Lube Plus A

    It is a multifunctional grease, specially developed to lubricate elements subjected to high temperatures, extreme loads, vibrations and shocks, combined with the presence of humidity and possible attacks by chemical agents.

  • Lube Litium EP

    It is a lubricating grease with high anti-wear and extreme pressure properties, especially indicated for greasing bearings, gearboxes, gears and heavily loaded guides.