Nonstick, Releasers & Polish

Range of non-stick products for surface treatment formulated with and without silicones for molds in production processes, concrete on metal surfaces, as well as metal parts in welding to avoid slag. In Release agents, surface treatment, facilitators when demolding parts of different materials. In polishers, surface treatment, giving them a perfect finishing film and providing a high antioxidant power in treated metal parts.

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  • Weld Spatter AC

    It is a protective product suitable for any welding process. Protects the parts and the welding equipment, making work easier and cleaner. Prevents slag deposits caused by electrodes on the metal.

  • RDS

    It is a high performance dry demoulding agent. Its demoulding film hardens when heated and provides optimum results.

  • Slik SS

    It is an effective product that in a single application cleans, polishes, sanitizes and perfumes dashboards, vinyl, plastics, skins, etc., of the interior of vehicles.

  • Slikar

    Polisher for the automotive industry.

  • Brak We

    It is a dispersion of ceramic additive in water designed to prevent the adhesion of aluminum in extrusion processes. It protects the head of the pusher/punch, prevents sticking to the die, and lubricates the guillotine in the process of cutting the end of the aluminum billet.

  • Slik

    It is a highly effective demoulding agent. Its formula features high quality silicone oils, providing a long-lasting non-stick, protective and sliding layer.

  • Slik C

    It is a very versatile product that can be used as a lubricant, anti-adherent and release agent. Its formula incorporates high quality silicone oils, which reduce the friction coefficient and protect the treated surface from corrosion. Product specially formulated to avoid the risk of toxicity in case of accidental contact with food in processing areas of the food industry.

  • Weld Spatter

    It is a protector indicated for any welding operation. It protects the parts and the welding equipment, facilitating the work and making it cleaner. Avoids slag deposits from the electrodes on the metal.