Active filters

  • Grem Cold Wash

    It is an effective, highly concentrated, emulsifying degreaser that quickly penetrates fuel tanks, forming a white emulsion that rinses off with water and leaves surfaces perfectly clean.

  • Citrikem 25

    It is a multifunctional degreaser with controlled pH and pleasant citrus scent, especially indicated for the removal of grease, oil, ink and petroleum stains. It can be applied on all types of surfaces, even the most delicate ones.

  • Neutragras

    It is a state-of-the-art degreaser, formulated with highly biodegradable and environmentally friendly surfactants. The controlled pH enables the operator to use it safely, while maintaining the cleaning capacity of traditional alkaline degreasers.

  • Motor 11

    It is an effective concentrated alkaline degreaser, specially formulated to clean and remove grease and the highly deposited dirt on bodywork, motors, parts, tarpaulins and floors. It is also very effective at removing insect remains from car bodywork and windscreens. Its high concentration makes it suitable for use in very high dilutions. It has a pleasant apple scent.

  • SM 200

    It is an effective corrosion and incrustation inhibitor product, especially indicated for the protection of cold water circuits for human consumption, as well as sanitary hot water. Its corrosion inhibiting effect lies in its capacity to form a protective layer on the metal surface that prevents corrosion from developing. On the other hand, its sequestering capacity makes it an effective scale inhibitor for the treatment of hard water.

  • SM 500A

    It is an effective packaging product for the treatment of low and medium pressure steam boilers, formulated on the basis of alkalinity regulating agents, anti-scaling agents, dispersing agents, oxygen scavengers and volatile active ingredients that allow the protection against corrosion of the condensate line.

  • Fast Eco V

    Evaporable lubricant for flat glass cutting.

  • SM Filtros

    It is a product specially designed to favor the neutralization of charges and aggregation of glass particles from the glass machining process that are present in the cooling fluid, in order to effectively separate them by means of filtering systems, obtaining a significant reduction in the load of suspended and colloidal solids and, as a consequence, a fluid with very low turbidity.

  • TF Lube

    It is an effective 100% synthetic lubricant, long lasting and high performance, specially designed to be used in a wide range of temperatures and in severe humidity conditions.

    Its PTFE content ensures a low coefficient of friction at metal-to-metal contact points, reducing wear of the lubricated element.

  • Kol

    Hydroalcoholic hand gel.

  • Meton 25

    It is an energetic acid agent for chemical cleaning of parts, equipment and circuits. Effectively and quickly removes rust deposits, as well as those of a calcareous nature on metallic surfaces. Its surfactant and organic solvent content increases its wetting and degreasing capacity.

  • Esku

    It is a highly effective liquid gel that cleanses, cares for and protects the skin. Features cleaning microspheres that ensure the complete removal of the most stubborn soiling.