H1 Accidental food contact

Range of products approved by NSF for possible accidental contact with food in their production processes.

Antifoam H1 Eezy H1 Aerosol FML H1
Kal Food Lube Aerosol Kal Food Lube KL50 CLP H1 (ISO 100)
KL50 CLP H1 (ISO 150) KL50 CLP H1 (ISO 220) KL50 CLP H1 (ISO 320)
KL50 CLP H1 (ISO 460) KL50 HLP H1 (ISO 32) KL50 HLP H1 (ISO 46)
KL50 HLP H1 (ISO 68) KL50 LTC H1 Lube 400
Lube 550 Lube 400 Aerosol Lube 500
Lube 600 Slik C Aerosol Slik C
SM Anticongelante A SM Solv 15 Aerosol Sm Solv 15


Products approved by the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare and registered by product type and use.


Beta 56 Symfects

Food industry

Beta 56 Symfects Sterid
Clor Foam Clor LF


SM Algae Cir


Products approved by the General Directorate of Merchant Marine for fuel tank cleaning.

Grem Cold Wash SM 80

G6 Food steam boilers 

Products for the treatment of steam generating boiler water in direct contact with foodstuffs.

SM 500 C

A1 Cleaning of food facilities 

Water-based products for cleaning and degreasing of walls and floors in food processing facilities.

Cleaner A1 Neutragras SM 611 Especial A1

A3 Cleaning of food facilities 

Acidic products for use in cleaning all surfaces in food facilities.

KL10 Acid Foam

K1 / K3 

Solvent based cleaner and adhesive remover.

Ecosol FG SM DL