Regularly clean surfaces and floors with the usual procedures and products.


Wash hands frequently with soap and water (GERMATEK, MANS, ESKU, THOR, SPAN, KOR, OPAL). Subsequently, as a support, a hydroalcoholic disinfectant can be used to disinfect hands, but in the case of not having an alcoholic solution, increase the frequency of hand washing.



Nettoyer régulièrement les surfaces et les sols avec les procédures et les produits habituels.


CLOR LF and CLOR FOAM: Dosage: 2%.

The Ministry of Health, in its technical document "Prevention and control of infection in the management of patients with COVID-19" published on February 20, 2020, indicates that there is evidence that coronaviruses are inactivated in contact with a solution of sodium hypochlorite with a concentration of 0.1%, 62-71% ethanol or 0.5% hydrogen peroxide, in one minute.

Accordingly, and given that the alkaline chlorinated disinfectant products CLOR FOAM and CLOR LF are products formulated with a sodium hypochlorite base, it is understood that these products are capable of inactivating this type of microorganisms under the aforementioned conditions and, therefore, are suitable as "viricidal" products.


SYMFECTS y STERID: Dosage 1 – 5%.

They do not have a virucidal test, since it is not required to obtain registration, given the end use of the products. However, their active ingredients are effective against HIV, Adenovirus, Hepatitis, Herpes, Influenza, among others. 


OXYPURE BIO 5%: Dosage 1 – 1,5%.

This product in particular, does not have a virucidal assay, but other products with the same concentrations of active ingredient do have documented virucidal activity at these concentrations. It is recommended to dilute it and apply it by spraying as an alternative to alcohol-based disinfectants. In surfaces that will not be in contact with food, rinsing is not required.


SM-ALGAE CIR: Dosage 5% on clean surfaces.

This product is not registered for surface disinfection, but it is registered for Legionella treatment, although the active ingredients it contains are also effective against encapsulated viruses. It does not contain detergent agents, therefore it is recommended for surfaces that are clean or have been previously degreased. It is recommended to dilute it and apply it by spraying. In surfaces that are not going to be in contact with food, it does not require subsequent rinsing. It has a neutral pH.