High efficiency cleaner free of chlorinated solvents CFC.

It offers great convenience of use, high spray pressure, does not stain and leaves no residue on the surface, evaporates quickly.

  • 10L plastic container
  • 25L plastic container
  • Boxes of 12 aerosols of 500ml/unit


Surface cleaning, protective and polishing emulsion, with anti-static and anti-fogging properties.

  • Cleans and polishes all types of surfaces: glass, formica, leather, chrome, plastics, paint, etc.
  • Prevents the formation of fogging and the appearance of prints.
  • It is easy to apply and dries quickly.

Application Areas

Cleaner and protector on any washable surface: glass, formica, leather, chrome, plastics, ceramics, paint, etc.

Effectively removes soiling, nicotine, grease, lipstick, fingerprints, etc.

It is very effective for the cleaning of exposure units and for the polishing of cars.

Instructions for use

Bulk: Dilute the product with a maximum of 8 parts of water. Apply directly with a spray or with a wet cloth.

Aerosol: Shake the container before use and apply at a distance of 15 cm on the treated surface.

Then wipe with a dry, non-scratching, non-scratching cloth.

Data sheet

White emulsion
Typical 9,5
Density (at 20 ºC)
Typical 0.975 kg/l

Specific References

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