SM 200

It is an effective corrosion and incrustation inhibitor product, especially indicated for the protection of cold water circuits for human consumption, as well as sanitary hot water. Its corrosion inhibiting effect lies in its capacity to form a protective layer on the metal surface that prevents corrosion from developing. On the other hand, its sequestering capacity makes it an effective scale inhibitor for the treatment of hard water.

  • 25L plastic container

SM 200

It is specially designed cutting oil to be applied on iron, cast iron, alloy steel, stainless steel, structural steel, high-resistance steel.

Avoid red water and the precipitation of calcium salts.

  • Provides a stabilising effect.
  • Liquid product, easy handling and dosing control.
  • Avoid red water and the precipitation of calcium salts.

Application Areas

Water systems for human consumption: domestic hot and cold water. Industrial cooling or heating circuits.

Instructions for use

Dose the pure product into the water to be treated, by means of a dosing pump installed for this purpose, controlled by a pulse emitter counter, at a recommended dose of between 5 and 25 mg/l.

Data sheet

Colorless clear liquid
pH (at 20ºC)
Typical 5.5
Density (at 20 ºC)
Typical 1.26 kg/l

Specific References

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