Lube 550

Lubricating grease for the food industry H1

  • Boxes of 24 cartridges of 400g/piece
  • 18kg plastic buckets
  • 180kg metal drums

Lube 550

It is a grease for lubrication of machinery used in the food industry. Works effectively under high-load and high-temperature conditions, and wherever water/humidity is in contact with grease. Formulated with non-toxic components, suitable for use as a lubricating grease in incidental food contact.

  • Offers excellent adhesion to the metal surface that ensures correct protection of the lubricated element.
  • Excellent resistance to humidity and high corrosion protection.
  • Wide range of working temperatures, from 20 ºC to 120 ºC.
  • H1 certified by NSF as a lubricant for incidental food contact.

Application Areas

Agricultural machinery (olive pickers, harvesters, motorised ploughs, tractors, grape pickers), greasing of food industry components exposed to high contamination due to moisture, oil mills, fruit and vegetable processing and packaging plants. Bakeries, dairies and dairy product plants.

Meat and fish industries, canneries, general food handling and packaging, etc. Greasing of bearings, chains, guides...

Allows working peaks up to +140 ºC (in static lubrication or slow movements).

Instructions for use

Apply the product directly to the mechanisms to be lubricated.

For better performance, apply the product by means of automatic spraying systems.

Data sheet

Smooth white paste white color
Complex calcium
Drop point
Greater than 250 ºC
NLGI Grade
4-ball test, welding
Greater than 200 kg

Specific References

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